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Please see a host of my services below, all rates are flexible and if you would like to get a quote then please reach out directly by emailing or alternatively via the social media links below or the contact form.


Motivational Talk

My hallmark service is a motivational talk - whether it be for an event, conference or any other activity. All talks can be tailored to the audience at hand and bespoke to your needs. I have a range of topics that I can focus on from stress management to career-related motivation.


Drop-in group session

If you would like me to come and speak in a group setting, this is also a great service which can be made to suit your crowd.


Presentation Training

Want to deliver better presentations? Build on how you interact with an audience? Gain some top tips from me!


Life Coaching

I am training to become a fully qualified Life Coach with the Coaching Academy and offer life coaching sessions.

Other Talks

I also offer a range of career-specific talks and offer academic support workshops which I can cater to suit a range of audiences

Other Services

If you would like to enquire about any other services such as marketing consultancy sessions, please do not hesitate to ask. 



I have worked with a range of individuals to organisations ranging from large firms to smaller enterprises. I have also worked with a number of schools, colleges and universities.


Why 1Take

Choosing me as a motivational speaker means putting your audience in front of a positive individual who loves to increase others aspirations, drive them to success and importantly get them thinking. I am genuinely passionate about motivating others, whether it be a small group of people or a larger crowd.I have a proven track record of helping others through the power of my voice, abundance of energy and sheer determination to make a positive difference!


Please reach out at to find out why/how I can help you.

Contact Me

Amit Rawal is a freelancer and the best way to get in touch is either through sending a message in the contact box or emailing:

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