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How I Can Help You

Services Available

Please download our service and product portfolio HERE.

Please see a list of my services below too. All rates are flexible and if you would like to get a quote then please reach out directly by emailing or alternatively via the social media links below or the contact form.

Soft Skills and Career-related Virtual & Face-to-face Workshops

My hallmark services are workshops that help one develop their leadership, employability, and entrepreneurial skills as well as boost their self-belief. The sessions draw on my Doctoral research and end with a motivational talk. The workshops are broken down into:


1.Early Leadership (focus on developing an individuals’ branding, communication and resilience)

2.Intermediate Leadership (focus on developing an individuals' customer service, time management and goal setting skills)

3.Advanced Leadership (focus on developing an individuals’ management skills, ability to coach, and hold a challenging conversation)

4.Technical Leadership (focus on developing one’s technical related competencies)

5.Younger Leaders (focus on the leaders of tomorrow during transitions in their life)

Motivational Talk

Whether it be for an event, conference or any other activity - my motivational talks are a great way to engage with your crowd. All talks can be tailored to the audience at hand and bespoke to your needs. I have a range of topics that I can focus on from making life transitions, managing stress to career-related motivation. I am happy to speak to audiences of any size.


Life Coaching

I am training to become a fully qualified Life Coach with the Coaching Academy and offer life coaching sessions.

Academic Related Workshop

Another set of talks I deliverer are academic ones, specifically how students can foster resilience during their studies

Other Services

If you would like to enquire about any other services such as marketing consultancy sessions, please do not hesitate to ask.



I have worked with a range of individuals to organisations ranging from large firms to smaller enterprises. I have also worked with a number of schools, colleges and universities. Please click HERE to find more.


Why 1Take

Choosing me as a motivational speaker means putting your audience in front of a positive individual who loves to increase others aspirations, drive them to success and importantly get them thinking. I am genuinely passionate about motivating others, whether it be a small group of people or a larger crowd.I have a proven track record of helping others through the power of my voice, abundance of energy and sheer determination to make a positive difference!


Please reach out at to find out why/how I can help you.

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