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About Me

I LOVE motivating others – seeing them grow, develop and succeed gives me great pleasure. This combined with my passion for public speaking which has stemmed from struggling to communicate as a child and undertaking speech therapy has led to where I am today. I started from creating YouTube videos on my channel, 1TakeMotivation (short 1 minute motivational videos shot in 1 take). Since then, from gaining a positive response I took the next step of becoming a freelance motivational speaker who can help you reach your goals, push your ambitions and become the best you can be!


Life is so short! Do not sit there feeling unfulfilled – if you or your team need a healthy dose of motivation or just that extra push, reach out to me today.


Curious to know more about me first - here are some quick facts:

1) I hold  a BSc in Psychology, a distinction in MSc International Business and a PhD Management Studies Researcher

2) Worked, studied and volunteered in various locations of the world including Denmark and America

3) Always looking for opportunities to collaborate with other speakers.

Please also find out more about me in our Service and Product Portfolio by clicking HERE.

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