About Me

I LOVE motivating others – seeing them grow, develop and succeed gives me great pleasure. This combined with my passion for public speaking has led to where I am today. I started from creating YouTube videos on my channel, 1TakeMotivation (short 1 minute motivational videos shot in 1 take). Since then, from gaining a positive response I took the next step of becoming a freelance motivational speaker who can help you reach your goals, push your ambitions and become the best you can be!


Life is so short! Do not sit there feeling unfulfilled – if you or your team need a healthy dose of motivation or just that extra push, reach out to me today.


Curious to know more about me first - here are some quick facts:

1) I hold  a BSc in Psychology, a distinction in MSc International Business and currently a PhD Management Studies Researcher

2) Worked, studied and volunteered in various locations of the world including Denmark and America

3) Always looking for opportunities to collaborate with other speakers.