Amit's Youtube Channel, 1TakeMotivation are based on 1 minute raw, real and passionate motivational videos shot in 1 take! Click HERE to view them!


February 27, 2019

Need that motivation to forgive someone? Then look no further...


July 10, 2017

With the immense pressure on people to stay on top of everything and knowing what to do next - we can't help but feel lost in our life sometimes. However, don't be afraid to use your past successes to help with your future. Watch this short off the cuff video to find o...

March 29, 2017

We always hear this so-called phrase comfort zone but what does it mean and how can we break our boundaries to achieve more...the fifth video from 1TakeMotivation delves into this. Click HERE to have a gander...

January 18, 2017

Motivation to get out of bed is the theme for this video! Specifically, 3 top reasons to help motivate you to get up and go in less than 60 seconds and shot in 1 take :) 

If you are a bed lover like me and struggle in the morning, then this video could definitely h...

January 12, 2017

The first video from 1TakeMotivation about embracing mistakes is LIVE. The video is a short 60 second dose of motivation about how we all can learn from our mistakes, putting a positive spin on errors we as humans make and how we can improve on what we claim to be not...

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